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If you are reading this article, you are probably thinking of getting the hearing aids. You are doing what everyone usually does when they want to buy a TV, a vacuum or even a book; which is online research. This is a very smart move. There is a need for you to research when buying a product which will require some good investment of your money. There are two main options when you can be able to get the hearing aids, namely; from the internet retailer or the local hearing professional. Well, let us compare the two ways.

What the merits/ pros of buying hearing aids online?


There is no doubt that buying the products online is very easy as well as convenient. Well, the same applies when you are buying hearing aids. All you have to do is order from the comfort of your room, either from the office or even home and you will have it delivered to you within a limited period.

However, returning the items bought online can go on and negate this benefit as it may require repackaging before sending it via the post office. Hearing aids may need to be tried on before making a purchase. This is the main reason why 30 percent of items which are bought online have to be returned compared to the nine percent of the products which are purchased in a store.

Prices of the hearing aid prices

The Cost can be a very big benefit of purchasing online. Irrespective of the fact that it may not always be the case, especially when there are various shipping fees involved, the cost is the main reason why people usually love to purchase online. Cost and convenience are the two major benefits which are accrued from buying products online.

What offsets convenience? Well, to get the hearing aid programmed for you, you are going to need proper evaluation as well as need to send an audiogram, and this can only be done if you get to leave the house and visit a hearing professional. This is the major reason for the 30 percent online return rate as it has been discussed above. Also, if you do require adjustments to be made to the hearing aids to be able to optimize the comfort as well as performance, you will need to repackage and then ship it to the retailer. It is important to note that it can take weeks to be able to receive instruments back from the online service retailer.

Pros/Merits of buying the hearing aids from the hearing professional.

It is a fact that the hearing aid is tangible item which you can be able to ship in a box. In theory, we can start by saying that there is some assembly which is needed. However, it is also a very high tech medical device which works best when it is matched to the unique individual lifestyle and physical characteristics, fine-tuned and programmed to the specific hearing needs. Later, it is followed up with and also supported by an expert in the hearing care world.

The same that you would not be satisfied by purchasing a wedding dress or even a suit without consultation, tailoring, and measurements, nor would it be fit for you to go on and prescribe yourself the right medication dosage to be able to treat high blood pressure, anxiety, diabetes or even arthritis, getting a hearing aid without the consultation of a hearing professional is actually not recommended.

When you buy the hearing aids from a well-trained hearing professional, you get more than the product.

You are also going to get expert consultation, the treatment knowledge as well as experience and the personalized fitting and care. These are very important factors which sensory function such as this hearing aid deserves; just before, the process of buying and after you buy the hearing aids.

Testing and the Consultation (Before)

Superb and through hearing tests: You will have the era examination as well as the clinical tests in the soundproof environment to be able to diagnose as well as verify what are the hearing aids which you need.

An audiological evaluation: The hearing thresholds are going to be charted on the audiogram, and you are going to be given the specific tests to be able to measure your listening comfort and also understanding in noise.

The Intake interview: Together with the provider, you are going to be able to discuss the details about day to day hearing needs. This will include the type of work which you do, how active you get in your daily activities and the style preferences. You are also going to get unique hearing challenges which will be important to help you to understand how to be able to optimize the overall communication and not just hearing.

Products and Fitting (During)

Product Selection: Based on the test results and the even unique ear specific features, the provider will show the solutions which will fit all your needs in the best way possible.

Product Test drive: While in office, you can try and also test the different styles and technology choices so you can be able to hear what the impact hearing aids are going to make.

Expert fitting: Once the product and the style get to be selected, the provider is going to program and also fine tune the hearing aids to the specific needs as well as sound preferences. Each of the ears is like the fingerprint; every person is quite different and also requires the exact fit to maximize the success.

The Solution Demonstration: The provider is going to show you how you are going to be able to use and also care for the hearing aids. This provider is going to answer any questions which you might be having hence you are very comfortable with them.

Treatment Consultation: The provider is going to walk you through the expectations and the next steps. They will also give you more resources or even tools so that you can be able to feel as comfortable as you can as you regain the hearing senses.

After: Follow-up and Support

Trial Period as well as the follow-up visits: Wearing the hearing aids takes quite some time to get used to

and may need some minor adjustments.

Aftercare needs: The provider is going to provide you with a one-stop shop warranty and the payment plans, maintenance, and tune-ups, battery and the other accessories or even part replacements.

Better Hearing plans: The hearing needs may change over time hence you can count on the provider as the go-to resource for all the hearing needs.

Here are some of the best sites where you can purchase hearing aids:

Of course, we offer a premium selection here;


Amazon has been known for providing some of the best products in the world. Being the largest online retailer in the world, you can expect nothing than the best.

(Hearing Direct)

This is among the best sites where you can be able to purchase all the hearing aids that you may need. It has been known to supply important amplified devices from the hard of hearing smartphones to an extra loud alarm clock to be able to ensure excellent management of the hearing loss. Hearing health is essential and having important advice and the products to be able to satisfy the hearing needs.


The hearing aids do come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. From the basic to the premium, digital to the manual, various hearing aids will meet all the needs and the requirements. This online site has features which will change the price of the device.

(Clearly Hearing) :

They have very affordable hearing aids which are packed with some advanced technology found in the hearing aids which costs expensive in various hospitals. When you get to buy from them, you are going to get peace of mind which comes from understanding that all their products have been well programmed and also supported by the professional staff that they have.

(MDHearing Aids):

For this online site, they clearly understand that providing affordable hearing aids does not mean that they have to be quiet cheap or even compromise on quality.


For the people who are browsing the internet for a very cheap hearing aid, then Audicus can be able to draw in the consumers with very low cost and also high quality.

Support For People Living With Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is just like any medical condition out there, it can be hard enough to live with. To be fulfilled in yourself and having to carry out everyday tasks as well as socialize. These things can be hard initially and can even sometimes lead to unnecessary psychological stress and worry. This is why loved ones, friends, and even the society have a big part to play so individuals affected can feel loved and worry less.

Surprisingly though, so many primary physicians do not test for hearing loss or even give advice about what to expect or how to live with it. This makes rendering support from friends and family hard because they don’t really have knowledge about what we’re dealing with.

Hearing loss isn’t the end of the world though and should never be thought as so. There are communities out there that were created to help people accept themselves and strive to live a normal life. Some of these communities can even be found on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

For family and friends, the first step towards understanding how to support people with hearing loss should be understanding what hearing loss is and why it happens in some cases. This can also sometimes apply to individuals suffering from hearing loss.

Without it being caused by the effects of underlying medical conditions like infections, otosclerosis, acoustic neuroma, meniere’s disease, and the likes, for example, hearing loss is often the norm for most humans as they grow older. Our hearing abilities tend to diminish with age and age is the most common cause of hearing loss. But most people don’t enjoy hearing this truth and thus denial and inability to accept reality steps in.

Feeling isolated is a very common feeling among people who experience hearing loss as frustration can set in and the feeling of being the only one in the world with the problem can also easily set in. This frustration can also easily disrupt our everyday lives. We can get upset at loved ones, family, and friends when their own frustrations at having to always raise voices and constantly repeat themselves starts to become apparent. Inability to also properly converse at work can also be a huge source of frustration.

What Do Should You Expect From Support Groups

Support groups can be started by an individual with hearing impairment, a couple of people with the impairment, and even a loved one affected by hearing loss. At times these groups are also formed by Non Profit Organizations, advocacy groups or even an expert in that field.

There are various forms of hearing groups, but the in-person support groups, online support forums are two of the most popular support groups.

In-Person Support Groups

One of the biggest challenges people with hearing loss often face is the frustration of being alone in the struggle. The need to be understood is the cause of many a headache for people suffering from this condition. This is why the in-person support group is so important. The importance of communicating as well as sharing experiences, trading tips and discussing challenges can’t be stated enough.

In the United States, the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLLA) and the Alexander Graham Bell Association for The Deaf and Hard Hearing (AG Bell) run the largest network of in-person support groups. These groups are headed by volunteers who have experience in hearing loss or have the training. These groups aim to provide support and strategies for living with hearing loss as well as provide awareness of hearing loss and the importance of early intervention.

Online Support Groups

So what if there are no support groups in your area, what if you’re nervous about the in-person meetings and you feel you are not ready to talk to other people face to face about your hearing loss? Worry not; the internet is here to help you. There are so many communities and support groups for people suffering from hearing loss on social media. The great thing about this is that you have access to different hearing-related topics, and you can communicate with people with similar a condition. And all these without leaving the comfort of your home.

Another advantage of these support groups is that some of them also help to educate people. They have speakers, panels and programs in place to help educate people on topics such as cochlear implants, hearing aid technologies, and hearing devices. Some even offer lip reading lessons which I consider to be quite important especially for people with profound hearing loss. Other groups offer emotional support, tips on how to cope, and even open forums where people share their positive and negative experiences as regards to hearing loss. Even family members are not left out as they also learn how best to interact and support their loved ones.

Talk to your health care specialist or surf the internet about the possible local hearing loss support group in your area.

The following are some of the support groups you can access:

  • Action on Hearing Loss: This is a community based in the UK and they have forums that are dedicated to tinnitus, hearing loss equipment, and deafness.
  • They offer weekly Open Chat Nights and have a forum where they discuss a wide array of hearing loss topics. The founder, Senthil Srinivasan isn’t a stranger to hearing loss.
  • HardofHearing (Reddit): We should all be familiar with the Reddit forums. What you might not know is that a forum dedicated to posting questions about hearing loss, funny hearing loss stories, hearing aid reviews exists on here.
  • The majority of the topics discussed here pertain to general discussions about hearing loss, and different types of hearing aids.

How To Support People With Hearing Loss

While people with hearing loss are tasked with finding support to boost their confidence and improving their mind-set, their friends and family also have an important role to play. There are so many things you can do to show solidarity, support, or help boost their morales.

  • Check Yourself For Hearing Loss As Well

You don’t necessarily need to have been displaying hearing loss symptoms, but you can offer to tag along and have your ears checked as well when a family or friend is going for a check-up at an audiologist. This is a great way to show support and also rule out possible hearing loss symptoms for yourself.

This is also important especially if you are over 40 years of age. This is because most people start to experience diminishing hearing loss from this age. And we already know that the risk of developing hearing loss worsens with age.

  • Listen and Understand

During the initial stages of the hearing loss journey, when people have just been diagnosed with hearing loss they very prone to feel sorry for themselves. Anger, frustrations, fear, confusion, loneliness are just some of the emotions they feel. During this process, it is very important that you lend a listening ear and show empathy. This is because mere talking about it can help lift that burden off their minds somewhat and it will give you a better understanding of how they feel.

  • Become Their Advocates

You can show support to a family and friend suffering from hearing loss by choosing to become their right-hand man. There are several ways you can help them with their day to day activities. You can help them with conversations in group situations as several factors like background noise can make it difficult for them to hear. In the cases of family functions, you can help out by reaching out to others explaining the condition and giving tips and guidelines concerning how best to communicate with them. You can also serve as their go-to person in events as they can always turn to you whenever they miss a word or couldn’t hear a sentence.

The beginning of the hearing loss journey can be quite frustrating and scary for everyone involved but with time and the right support, everyone can go on to living their normal lives. These support systems are in place to make sure you make that seamless transition into your new lease of life. People with hearing loss as well as their friends and family all have a part to play.

Why Buy Century Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are an important piece in tackling hearing loss and giving people back their lives. So many people have given up hope on properly hearing again till they start wearing hearing aids. It is not a miracle, it is technology.

Hearing aids have seen a major improvement in design, function, and user-friendliness in the last decade. Hearing aids now come in all shapes, sizes, and features; with user experience at the back of most manufacturers’ minds.

Century Hearing Aids have been at the forefront of this advancement in hearing technology and experience. It seems the team at Century Hearing Aids are aware that ear tests and custom hearing aids can be quite expensive. Sometimes, custom hearing aids can sometimes cost more than $8,000 a pair. Imagine having to pay that amount of money for a device needed to make you hear well again? Coughing up this amount of money is sometimes difficult for many especially when your insurance can’t cover this huge cost. This has proven quite a challenge for most people affected.

At Century Hearing Aids, we consider it our job to find a solution to this problem and we have. Their hearing aids, the in-ear and behind-the-ear devices are of the most affordable in the market. Throw in the fact that you can also return a defected hearing aid for free.

If you’re still looking for why you should buy Century Hearing Aids, please keep reading.

  • We sell at low prices: One of the things we pride ourselves on is that we give you quality at a relatively cheap price. Compare their prices to other hearing aid device prices out there and you will see just how much you can save by buying their products. Their direct competitors like Siemens, Unitron, Phonak, ReSound or even Widex all have devices of more than $2,000. You can compare their prices through this link Compare Our Prices vs. Competitors Here
  • We offer free shipping: Wouldn’t it be nice to know when you place an order, you’re not just paying for shipping but you also get your hearing aids with 3 – 7 workings days? Even when you need to return a device, shipping is still free. This is one of the promises Century Hearing Aids pride themselves on.
  • We offer you a flexible warranty: Another good deal from Century Hearing Aids is their warranty system. When you purchase hearing aids from them, you are guaranteed one to two years manufacturer’s warranty. So worry not if your devices become defective or stop working, the people at Century Hearing Aids have you covered. Still not convinced? Read More Information Here.
  • We guarantee easy returns: Century Hearing Aids are all about customer satisfaction and they are always looking for ways and reasons to stand apart from their competitors. One of their customer satisfaction schemes is their easy return policy. Human errors are a part of our everyday lives, so in cases where what you received isn’t what you ordered or in cases where our device doesn’t fit into your ear or help you hear better, you can simply just return it back to us for an easy swap. Still not convinced, you can find More Information Here.

One quick fact: Century Hearing Aids are also the only Hearing Aid Company that gives you a specific date to get your refund. Awesome!.

  • They offer free lifetime service plan: There is nothing better than knowing you can trust a company’s customer care officials to deliver and come to your aid just when you need them. At Century Hearing Aids, their extremely knowledgeable sales and knowledgeable staffs are only one call or email away from catering to your needs. Whether you want to buy, or you want to report a problem, just contact them they are at your service. They have offer three plans: Adjustment, Cleaning and, Programming.
  • They sell only the highest quality: Nothing beats knowing you are getting the highest of quality at a relatively cheap price. This is another of Century Hearing Aids promise to their customers. They pride themselves on selling only the best Labelled Hearing Aids gotten from the best hearing aids manufacturers in the US and some parts of Europe. They are so sure of their quality that they ask you to return devices that are not 100% as described.
  • They have one of the best Business Bureau A Rating: So bent on customer satisfaction are Century Hearing Aids that they have agreed to follow the eight Standards for Trust. This was put in place to enforce the important elements of creating and maintain trust in business. The people at Century Hearing Aids often make mistakes, as is normal for humans but they vow to do everything necessary to make it right.

I can’t stress enough the importance of finding a reputable company that respects the buyer’s rights and lives for their satisfaction. These are some of the things that stand Century Hearing Aids apart from their competitors. Why wouldn’t you then want to do business with them?

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