Volume Button

By the push of a button, you can change between 4 memories for a quieter setting, a noisy setting, while using the telephone, and when listening to music.

Easy-to-use volume control for easy access.

A 12-band processor will increase specific frequencies where you need more volume, without affecting the areas you need less volume.

Programmed to You

You can either send us your hearing test, take a hearing test online, or we can pre-program a hearing aid to fit most people.


• Noise Reduction • Feedback Cancellation • 2 Channels / 12 Bands • Digital Rocker VC with built in memory switch • High Impact Casing

The Premium Digital Hearing Aid is an open-fit hearing aid

There are no ear molds, making the hearing aid lightweight without giving your ear a stuffed feeling.

Open-fit hearing aids fit behind your ear.

Small, Light, and Strong