Top 5 Complaints With Hearing Aids 1. They are too expensive.  Miracle Ear wants to charge me $10,000 Beltone $8000,  Phonak, Oticon, Resound Siemens $6000 for two. 2.  They are not programmed right. They did NOT work the way I was told. They do not sound right. They are not clear.  I cannot hear voices any better.   They are too loud.  They are too soft. 3.  They Don't Fit Comfortably.  They are painful.  They itch.  They create a red spot.  They are too tight.  They are too small - they fall out or fall off.   There is too much background noise. 4. The hearing aid Keeps Breaking Down.  The hearing aid stopped working.  The hearing aid died. 5.  I want to return them and I was told if I returned them I would have a 15% restocking fee