1. Accessories.
I have to make this more clear on the site.
We recommend three main types of hearing aids, the three shown on the homepage.
The rosebud premium fits completely in the ear. Good part; nobody can see it. Bad part; small, hard to handle, and not so powerful. Only recommended for people with mile to moderate hearing loss.
Accessories; None. This ships with a small basket of wax to smear on the aid as you stick it in your ear to help it stay there.
The Best Ear Basic is a behind the ear hearing aid recommended for everyone since we can program it however you like.
These are recommended;   Tubes and tips;  http://www.centuryhearingaids.com/hearing-aid-accessories/hearing-aid-replacement-tubes-tips/open-fit-tubes-tips.html
These tips are a bit more comfortable;   http://www.centuryhearingaids.com/hearing-aid-accessories/hearing-aid-replacement-tubes-tips/open-fit-dome-tips-vented.html
These are also for comfort;   http://www.centuryhearingaids.com/hearing-aid-accessories/hearing-aid-replacement-tubes-tips/ziptip-hearing-aid-tips.html
These tips are for people that are getting feedback or whistling in their hearing aid;  http://www.centuryhearingaids.com/hearing-aid-accessories/hearing-aid-replacement-tubes-tips/power-domes.html
These tips are also for comfort and may help reduce whistling;  http://www.centuryhearingaids.com/hearing-aid-accessories/hearing-aid-replacement-tubes-tips/comply-canal-tip.html
The Best Ear Pro has a directional mike. It is basically a better (and more expensive) Best Ear Basic model. This is recommended for people like at weddings who want to pick up the sounds right in front of them higher than the other sounds in the room. It works like a microphone pointed at the guy in front of you. This helps like at a wedding that the music will be lower than the person talking next to you. Or in the car with loud music.
Accessories are the same as the basic model.
2. As to returns;
If the customer is returning a hearing aid purchased within the last year, then it is still under warranty.
If it is a Rosebud, Best Ear Basic, or Best Ear Pro, they should be sent directly to
If it is an Exsilent or Qleaf hearing aid still under warranty, it should be sent to
Exsilent repair
1745 ramada Ave South
Lakeland MN 55043
If it is not under warranty, the customer should use the Repairs page here;
If the customer is returning an item purchased within the last 90 days, he should send it to us at
Century Returns
934 Hearthstone Dr.
Lakewood NJ 08701