Do I need One or Two Hearing Aids? The brain needs both ears.   WHY? 1.  The brain needs two ears to hear what direction the sound is coming from and 2. The brain processes competing sounds from both ears for improved clarity and a more balanced sound. Two ears is like listening to music in with two speakers,  sometimes called "stereo" versus listening to music with one speaker  sometimes called "mono" Mono is like the sound of one person talking: the sound source is fixed in one place. Stereo  is very different. "Stereo" tricks the brain with two loudspeakers where each one plays  slightly different sounds and our ears and brains reassemble the noises into a two-dimensional soundscape. What are some of the benefits of two hearing aids? A. improved ability to locate origin of the sound B. improved speech understanding in noise C. hearing in “stereo” hearing  or two ears) is less strenuous than “mono” hearing (with one ear). Hey we live in the USA.   No one can force you to buy two hearing aids.   If you can only want one hearing aid or you can only afford one hearing aid at a time,   here is the key rule for best results:   - get it for the ear with the least amount of hearing loss. Why?  because the does not have to work as hard,  there is less hearing loss to make up for.    Its like taking a week off from exercising versus taking 5 years off from exercising. Hope that helps, Century Hearing Aids 888-295-2944