What is the Price Markup on Hearing Aids?  I found some very very interesting prices on this site http://www.unityhearingcare.com/    Unity Care published the price list of hearing aids that Phonak and Resound sell to the Veterans Administration.    Actually I am shocked that a site like this would publish pricing information - they say its public information.    UnityCare is an private practice audiologist buying club.   That means UnityCare is recruiting other audiologists to a club or group to pool their money and negotiate bettering prices with hearing aid manufacturers.   What UnityCare is trying to do is shock or embarrass the hearing aid mfgs into negotiating better prices....they did this by UnityCare publishing the price list that the Veterans Administration is charged for hearing aids, which Unity Care is saying, that for the same hearing aids, they pay the manufacturer up to $3,000.00 for a pair or nearly 5 times the amount for the same Hearing Aids - that the VA does.     So, What is the Price Markup on Hearing Aids?  If UnityCare is telling the truth,  multiply the Selling price by 5 and that is what the private practice audiologist pays the Phonak and Resound.   Then of course the private practice audiologist has to markup the hearing aids, around $6000, to make a profit - just to stay in business.