Audicus, an Honest Review from Marcus Lemonis, "The Profit" Youtube Interview Mr. Patrick Freuler, President, CEO $2 million in sales Cost of Goods is $300 I suspect its closer to $350 Because these are the Siemens Open Fits and RICs,
Add - $25 for tubes tips, batteries, shipping labor to program So Total COG $375 Cost of acquisition (cost to acquire a customer)- $200 Cost to sell hearing aids (COG + COS) $575 Hearing Aid Prices Dia $599 - $575 = $24 Profit Canto $699 - $575 = $124 Profit Subtract all other expenses, sales tax expense, subcontractors, health insurance, auto expense, bank service charges, credit card fees, dues and memberships, meals & entertainment, office supplies, professional fees, shipping, telephone expense, Rent/Lease (what is rent for sq/ft for 6 E. 32nd St, 6th Floor New York City) , Salaries. G&A is usually 15% to 20% of sales - minus the cost of acquisition which we already accounted for. I suspect they are loosing money. Marcus is right, to private label - on how to move from $2MM to $200million, leverage other peoples lists.
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