Emergency Hearing Aid Repair  When you absolutely positively need your hearing aid....go with our Emergency Hearing Aid Repair Service -  $199 plus $39 for Rush Service

$199 Repairs the hearing aid,  $39 moves you to the front of the line. Century Hearing Aids hearing aid repair lab has been in business for over 16 years of experience.  Our "factory trained" hearing aid repair technicians have repaired over 20,000 hearing aids.  If you need emergency hearing aid repair,  we can repair all makes all models including, but not limited to: AHS - Apherma - Audibel - Audina - AudioTone - ActiveEar - Bell - Beltone - Bernafon - Clarity - Danavox Electone - FineTone -  General Hearing - Hansaton - Micro-Tech - Magnatone Miracle Ear - MyHearPod - National - NuEar Omni - Oticon - Puretone - Phonak - Prairie Labs - Qualitone - ReSound - Rexton - SeboTec - Siemens - Sonus - Starkey - Sonic Innovations - Telex - Unitron - Vivatone - Widex  and many others If we cannot repair it,  we do not charge you. REPAIR FORM [caption id="attachment_1932" align="alignnone" width="300"]hearing aid repair hearing aid repair[/caption] WHAT TO EXPECT - HERE IS WHAT WE DO WITH YOUR HEARING AID - THE "REPAIR" PROCESS 1.  Receipt of hearing aid, In-Process to our system
2.  Open up the hearing aid,  inspect all parts, do a total assesment of damage 3.  Repair the hearing aid,  cleaning, vacuum etc.
4.  Order Parts if need  - and wait for delivery if parts not in stock 5.  Quality Control, testing to see if repairs work - 4-5 hours on testing computer 6.  Out Process and Ship Fed Ex
Need Rush Service?   Rush Hearing Aid Repair Service -  Add $39 per aid If this option is selected, your hearing aid gets 1st priority and immediate attention when received.