Century Hearing Aids Measuring Tool for OpenEar Tubing and Receiver Link Sizes

To ensure a comfortable and secure hearing aid fit, the proper length for the Open Fit tube and Receiver Links must be selected. The step-by-step instructions are available on this web page.  Our Century Hearing Aids Open Fit hearing aid thin tubes use a number scale from zero (0B), the shortest, to three (3B), the longest.

Below, you can see that this thin tube is marked as a "1B" size


Similar to the Open Fit tubing length, the Receiver-in-the-Canal Style hearing aids use a number system to identify their length. The length starts at zero (#0), the shortest, to three ( # 3), the longest.

Use the Century Hearing Aid Measurement Tool to find the number of length. When ordering your Century Hearing Aids hearing aids we will correlate this number to the appropriate size receiver link.


The receiver link size number is located underneath the casing of the receiver as shown in the image above.

Step 1. Print out the Open Fit Measuring Tools at 100% scale.

Click Here to download & print your Century Hearing Aids Measurement Tool

Step 2. Cut out the Measuring Tool

Step 3. Place the Century Hearing Aids Measurement Tool over the ear. The red measurement tool is for the right ear and the blue measurement tool is for the left ear. Have another person look and see the number closest to the top of the ear canal opening. This number is used to select the length of open ear tubing or receiver links you will need. The picture above is the left ear being measured by the Century Hearing Aids Measurement Tool. To find the appropriate length locate the closest number to the top of the opening of the ear canal. In this image the #1 is the correct measurement.   Note:  Helps if you have someone else helping - just a tip.


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