DO I NEED TWO HEARING AIDS OR JUST ONE There are seven reasons to purchase two hearing aids;
1. Two hearing aids allow you to hear what direction the sound is coming from

2. The brain processes hearing signals or competing sounds from both ears for improved

clarity and a more balanced sound

3. You will get the best experience from two hearing aids

4. Less power is needed when two hearing aids are worn

5. Stereo listening gives depth perception.

6. Two ears offers better manners-one eared listeners may be considered rude.

7. Two ears hear better in noisy situations.

You will be able to hear much better with two hearing aids, and your satisfaction with the hearing aids will be much higher. If you use only one hearing aid but have hearing loss in both ears, the brain has to process two different sound and clarity levels, which makes it more difficult to obtain a clear understanding of the sound signal.

Today, about two-thirds of new purchasers opt for dual hearing aids, and as a group, they report a higher level of satisfaction than purchasers of a single aid.Here a few advantages of two hearing aids:

  • You may experience improved ability to locate origin of the sound

  • You may experience greater speech understanding in noisy environments

  • You may experience a reduced need for adjusting the volume of your hearing aid

If you can afford two hearing aids do it--you will have the better hearing experience all around. However, No one is forcing you to buy two hearing aids....especially if its not in the budget. If that is the case, its counter intuitive but, we would fit the best ear so that you experience the most success right off the bat and are encouraged to add the other ear as you are able to afford it. One hearing aid is not optimal, but it is better than none.
Many of our customers at Century Hearing Aids start with one....if you can only afford one right can buy the second one in 30 days at the discounted price--as if you are buying two in the same order.