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  1. Are You Being Profiled When Buying Hearing Aids?

    A few months ago, a customer of ours told me that he went to a hearing aid clinic for an audiogram.  We’ll call him “Bill”.  Bill was asked to fill out a new patient questionnaire.  At first he didn’t think much of the questions.  They included the typical name, address, and contact information.  Then he got to the question about...
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  2. As Seen on TV Hearing Aids – the real story

    You may have seen the infomercials on TV touting that once you put on one of these bluetooth looking contraptions, you can “hear somebody whispering from across the room”.  They claim that you will be hearing the birds again and listening to television at a low volume.  All this and more for under $20!  Don’t be fooled by these claims...
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  3. Age Related Hearing Loss – Why is this Happening?

    Age related hearing loss is when your hearing decreases as people get older.  It is also known as presbycusis. There are tiny hairs inside your ear.  These hairs help process sound to your brain.  Hearing loss occurs when these tiny hairs inside your ear are damaged or die. There is not a single cause for age related hearing loss.  The...
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  4. Guest Post from Dr. Randall Bock M.D.

    Hearing Aids Versus Reading Glasses Guest Post from Doctor Randall Bock M.D. Hearing aids cost thousands of dollars. In my early dotage ;-) currently 53 years old, I recently found imperfection in my near-vision (as we all do, over time). Probably I was laboring for a year or so before caving in: purchasing reading glasses. I am using them right...
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    It is common for adults to have some hearing loss. The older we get, the poorer our hearing becomes. Hearing loss usually begins gradually with certain words sounding soft, muffled and/or distorted. This change often makes listening a difficult task, especially in noisy areas. People with a hearing loss often feel that they can hear fine but cannot understand what...
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    WHY DO HEARING AIDS COST SO MUCH?  I recently had a customer tell me that an Audiologist offered to sell him a pair of hearing aids for $8000. This post is going to explain why the prices are so high. First....The main reason is that the hearing aid manufacturers and audiologists have a self-preserving high margin deal to keep the...
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