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Best Seller Premium Choice Digital Hearing Aid - 12 Band 2 Channel

Product Review (submitted on October 14, 2012):

I had put off buying new hearing aids for many years, even though I knew that I needed them -
mainly due to the reaction of the people around me, particularly when they were trying to make
themselves understood to me.

I finally decided to get an audiology exam - and found that my hearing had changed drastically
since my initial purchase of in the canal aids from our government hearing aid plan. (It was eighteen
years ago I last had an audiology report, and bought my aids).

When I found how much the new aids were going to cost me, even though I have some coverage for aids in my health plan, I balked, and decided I simply could not afford to upgrade to better aids.

I remembered looking at the internet, and what might be available to me online. I decided to contact
Century Hearing Aids, and was pleasantly surprised to be dealing directly with the owner. I was even
more happy when I was told that I could get new aids for less than half the price of new aids from two
different providers where I live ... one of them government, and the other a private firm.

All I had to do was send Jon my audiologist's report (via fax in my case), and the aids were ordered and
on the way.

I am very pleased and satisfied with the service, the aids themselves, and the continuing contact from
Century Hearing Aids to keep me up to date on what is new in the industry.

I have recommended Century Hearing Aids to many of my friends and relatives, and will continue to do

It is wonderful to be able to sit in the back yard and hear birds - something I hadn't been able to do for years. It is wonderful to ask others to adjust the volume level down on electronic devices - for now they are frequently too loud for my "super ears".
Jon and his company definitely get a "FIVE STAR" rating from me.


Pastor Ron B. Cairns CD
Minister Emeritus
Director of Education (Ret'd)