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Best Seller Premium Choice Digital Hearing Aid - 12 Band 2 Channel

Product Review (submitted on January 10, 2013):

Hi Jon,

I love my Rosebud Premium behind the ear hearing aids. They are smaller and way more comfortable than my old ones! I've had ear molded aids ($2500 EACH), VERY inexpensive internet behind the ear aids (bulky and uncomfortable) and now these (inexpensive, comfortable and work great).

The very best part is the service! You treated me as if I were your most important customer ever! I really appreciated all the extra effort to get them to me while on vacation! Your continued research and emails keep me informed and offer support when I sometimes think I'm the only hearing impaired person around. The tips on better communication are welcomed and looked forward to.

You and Century Hearing Aids have helped me more than any audiologist or even ENT doctor (I have some autoimmune issues). He reported my continued loss of hearing without ANY suggestions! At least he wasn't trying to sell me something!

I wish you continued success in your efforts to help the hearing impaired with quality aids, reasonable costs, and unparalled support!

Thank you so very much and take care!

Sincerely, J Anderson

PS. I'm completely out of batteries, as in, went to replace them this morning and had no more! (What was I thinking?) So I need to order a box of 60. The order code is 'the manufacturer sent the wrong aids, wrong address, etc.' Of course, this PS is not part of my review! I'd also like to send a video testimonial as soon as I can find someone to help me! I also love your sense of humor!