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Best Seller Premium Choice Digital Hearing Aid - 12 Band 2 Channel

Product Review (submitted on January 10, 2013):

I know it's been some time since I received my aid, but I have been busy,(doing nothing) I'm retired and have seen 91 years)
Either way, I am very well satisfied with this one, I am trying to find out which batteries is the best and last the longest, I keep a log as to when I put it in, by the minuet, and when I take it out.
I very much like the way I can choose the volume and the noise. It is some what larger than the previous one, but, you know what, after about half a minuet, I can't tell what size it is.
I have learned to run the cleaner wire thru the tube, when I change batteries.
One thing I think is a little odd, is that you can pick the color you want, to kind of match your skin color, then they put a bright chrome strip all along the back side, I guess it's so people can see you are wearing an aid. just something to smile about.
I like it.