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Best Ear Pro with Directional Microphones Hearing Aids -12 Bands/2 Channels/4 Preset Memories

Product Review (submitted on July 1, 2013):

Jon, I must return these darn things to you. NO NO NO I am kidding. I am loving them a little more everyday. It does take a bit of experimenting and I guess I am getting there. I am very very happy, Jon. I thank you so very much for hanging in with me and all my confusion. I only need to discover which sound (with or without) is the real sound of my grandfather clock striking on the hour.
I can not imagine leaving home without them anymore.

For fair honest less costly hearing aids go to I did and could not be happier
I put this on on my facebook too

Jim Kelley
Sabor de Ilha Restaurant
U.S. Navy Seal (retired)


Oct 8, 2012 After a ton of resesrch and several e-mails to Jon at Century. After many people telling me Not to buy on line for several reasons, I decided to buy on-line from Century. I now have my Century Hearingaids for about 4 months . I could not be happier. It took a month or so to get use to them and the controls. Now however I am comfortable in most all situations. I no longer say HUH or ask my wife what she said. My wife can talk on the phone while I am watching tv without turning the tv down. The adjusting controls are a happy feature for me. At first I thought I wanted the hearing aids to be automatic, but Jon suggest the Primium Rosebud with volume control and enviroment control. He was so right. A recent wedding was atrue test. Turned down the área noise and could hear the people at my table with little problems.
I simple say to Jon and Century, THANKS. I will recommend your company to everyone.
Jim Kelley
USN(retired) Seal team 2