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Rosebud SP Premium Behind the Ear Digital Hearing Aids

Product Review (submitted on November 2, 2012):

After many years of living with hearing loss I underwent a hearing test and my audiogram showed a profound loss in the higher frequencies, When the nice lady told me the price of here name brand aid I decided to check around on the web. That is when I found the Rosebud SP for less than half the price.
I mailed a copy of my test results and a Jon Stoddard of contacted me and said that the SP could be programmed to help with my loss. So knowing that I could send it back for a full refund if for any reason I was not happy with the aid I decided to take the chance.
My experience has been quite plesent. I find that the Comply snap tip is very comfortable and I have experienced virtually no feedback unlike the open fit ear bud of a previous aid that I tried.
One of the first things I found was that yes the microwave does indeed make a sound when the food is done. But I am finding that is only one of the many sounds that I have not been hearing for a good number of years. I still struggle a little bit with some of my favorite TV shows but I also know that I DO have a profound hearing loss and no hearing aid is going to repair that.
So I guess the bottom line is give the SP a try, you have a lot to gain and very little to lose if you find it doesn't do the job for your personal hearing loss.

Just a note to let you know how the Rosebud SP B.T.E that I bought
from you in June of 2010 is working out for me. I, at first was a little
concerned because your unit was much lower in price than any aid of the same
type that I could get in my home town. My concerns were soon put to rest. I
find the Comply soft tips to be very comfortable even more so than the aid
I tried of the open fit type. Also l find that size 13 batteries last for
many more wears than the smaller batteries of my old aid. I have not had any
feedback at all with this unit. How nice that is. At times I think that a
more pliable tube would be a very good improvement. I can't say enough about
how pleased I am with your personal and friendly service.
Best of all my wife and I can now watch TV and not drive her out of the room
so she thanks you too.