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Rosebud Premium Completely in the Canal

Product Review (submitted on December 14, 2012):

I'll admit I was a little skeptical. How good can these things be when compared with the high-priced ears you get at the hearing aid store. And I had three major concerns.
1. The low price for the reason I just mentioned
2. The "one-size fits all" vs the "custom fit" at the hearing aid store
3. Feedback
Addressing the last concern first, I bought a pair of ears a few years ago for about $4,000. Maybe a tad more. I now have a job where I have to wear a radio. The old units squealed and were unuseable so I stopped wearing them. Century says these cancel feedback and, guess what. They do. Not a peep, squeek, squak buzz. Voices come through my earphone clear as crystal. Ditto with the telephone.
Second concern: One size. No problem. They slipped into my ears as easily as the $4,000 "custom fit" units did. Which prompts the cynic in me to wonder if making the impression to custom fit the unit is maybe just window dressing to justify the cost. I can't speak to the anatomy of your ears but they feel perfectly natural in mine. After a few seconds I'm not even aware they are there.
First concern: low cost equals low quality? They seem as well made as my original $4,000 units and seem so work every bit as well. Except that they cancel the feedback which is a plus. And, they cost more than 25% less than the old units.
Would I recommend them to a friend. Absolutely. Especially when they offer a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee (which, fortunately I haven't had to test)How can you go wrong.