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Rosebud Premium Completely in the Canal

Product Review (submitted on December 14, 2012):

thanks to
Century Hearing Aids, I could actually hear the waterfall from a distance.
I like being able to adjust the volume and noise settings on the aids I bought. I work in a relatively noisy environment
and find it more convenient than the previous VERY expensive devices that I used to wear.
Also, when I'm watching TV, I'm able to control the settings to a level that makes it easier for me to hear. Sometimes
now, my wife asks me to turn the volume up, which is a pleasent turn of events.
The break-in period was a little uncomfortable at first,as I was used to smaller aids, but now I forget I have them
On a scale of 1-5, I would rate the aids I bought a 4.5. They are an excellent value, and I would definitely do business
with Century Hearing Aids again.