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Rosebud SP Premium Behind the Ear Digital Hearing Aids

Product Review (submitted on November 2, 2012):

I had been wearing in the ear hearing aids for years. Recently, I needed an upgrade . I felt that an in the ear aid was not adequate for my hearing loss. My long term vendor told me that the aids I needed would cost me $8000. I could not afford that. I went to the internet and searched many brands and vendors.

Century provided, in my estimation, the best combination of type of hearing aid and price. I bought the Rosebud SP Premium hearing aids.

It took me a while to adjust to the BTE model but with help from Jon Stoddard at Century, I was able to adjust to the physical aspects of wearing a BTE. But there was still something that was not quite right about them. Conversations with Jon led me to get a new hearing test at an independent audiologist, (not my previous vendor). The results were quite different from the audiogram I had originally sent to Century.

Jon had me send back the aids to be re-tuned. Since then, I have been hearing significantly better than I have for years.

I am now going to test using an ear mold to, I trust, improve, even more, my hearing. I have been using the Canal Comply tips with good success to date.

Thanks Century and Jon for all your help.