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Best Seller Premium Choice Digital Hearing Aid - 12 Band 2 Channel

Product Review (submitted on October 14, 2012):

I'm happy to rate Century Hearing Aids, and their Rosebud Premium aids, with five stars.

I began my quest for aids at an audiologist. He advertised very low prices. After a hearing test, he thought his lowest priced model, at $2800.00 per pair, wouldn't fix my loss. I needed to go up to a more expensive model. Instead, I researched the offerings on the internet, and chose Century. After all, I could return them within 60 days for a refund if I didn't like them.

My wife, Tucky, can tell you how pleased I am with these Rosebuds. (And she is happy that I can understand her normal voice!) The classy modern styling is only the frosting on the cake! They restored the frequencies I have been missing for a long time, and I have started to listen to my classical music records again. I was thrilled to hear overtones around the high violin notes! And, I didn't expect any aids to work well for loud, complex music!

The service I received from the Century people has been outstanding! Excelent communication and much time spent getting the programming to my satisfaction. By the second day, I was adjusted to them, and I don't feel the soft tips in my ears, or the little cases behind. I have never heard feedback from them, even pressing a telephone to my ear. *****

John Samsen