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Best Seller Premium Choice Digital Hearing Aid - 12 Band 2 Channel

Product Review (submitted on October 14, 2012):

I have had these for a few weeks. I have no issues but questions. Since day 1 I have had them in for 5 - 6 hours daily and have quickly increased to a full day with no discomfort. I am able to lower the TV volume and hear others, especially women much clearer. The aids need to be turned up and I find that the new sounds are statling, especially behind me. I need to get used to all that I missed. Hearing aids are not a replacement for true hearing, so I am find, I still need to ask people to repeat themselves, but it is much much less than before the aids. I also am having a tough time determining if sounds are really that loud or are the aids turned up too loud. But these are keepers for sure.
Also, my wife didn't know I had them on for 2 days. She thought the tubes were gray hairs. Audiologist wanted over 5k for their devices. Battery life is at about 2 weeks.