Basic In the Ear Digital Hearing Aids Clearance 1 Left

Basic In the Ear Digital Hearing Aids Clearance 1 Left

Audition Platinum Open Fit Digital Hearing Aids

Audition Platinum Open Fit Digital Hearing Aids

Best Seller Best Ear Basic Digital Hearing Aid

88% of 100
Clear, Crisp Sounds Enjoy Watching TV Again
Better Hearing in Restaurants Hear at Church, Dinner Parties & the Outdoors
Lightweight & Unnoticeable Affordable and 100% Money Back Guarantee
Reduces Background Noise Manually Adjust the Volume to Your Needs
4 Program Settings 1 Year Iron Clad Warranty

Best Seller - Over 5000 Sold!

Best Ear Basic

The Best Ear Basic is an open-fit hearing aid.

Since the circuitry is on the outside of the hearing aid, this model is for people with moderate to severe high-frequency hearing loss. The Open fit style is discreet and not easily visible.

There are no ear molds, making the hearing aid lightweight without giving your ear a stuffed feeling. By the push of a button, you can change between 4 memories for a quieter setting, a noisy setting, while using the telephone, and when listening to music. This hearing aid will allow you to hear the sounds you have been missing.

There is an easy-to-use volume control button located on the hearing aid for easy access. A 12-band processor will increase specific frequencies where you need more volume, without affecting the areas you need less volume.

The hearing aid has 4 channels. Channels help control the intensity, limiting the sound at a certain peak.

The Best Ear Basic Hearing Aid is Affordable and comes standard with a 1Year Iron Clad Warranty and 90 day full 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

• Omni Microphone
• 4 Memories, with memory indicators
Mem1: Flat response
Mem2: Noise Response
Mem3: Enhanced Noise Response
Mem4: Telephone Response
• Noise Reduction
• Feedback Cancellation
• 2 Channels / 12 Bands
• Digital Rocker VC with built in memory switch
• High Impact Casing
*Test Settings Provided Upon Request • Low Battery Warning

More Information
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Style Open Fit
Battery Size "312" (Lasts up to 160 hours)
Memories 4
Noise Reduction Yes
Volume Control Manual
L x W x H .65 x .35 x 1.3
Bands/Channels 12 / 2
Programmable or Ready to Wear Both
Hearing Loss Mild to Severe
Digital Yes
Microphone directional
Monthly Price 199
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