Audition Platinum Open Fit Digital Hearing Aids

Audition Platinum Open Fit Digital Hearing Aids

Best Ear Pro with Directional Microphones Hearing Aids

Best Ear Pro with Directional Microphones Hearing Aids

Best Seller Best Ear Basic Digital Hearing Aid

88% of 100
Clear, Crisp Sounds Enjoy Watching TV Again
Better Hearing in Restaurants Hear at Church, Dinner Parties & the Outdoors
Lightweight & Unnoticeable Affordable and 100% Money Back Guarantee
Reduces Background Noise Manually Adjust the Volume to Your Needs
4 Program Settings 1 Year Iron Clad Warranty

Best Seller - Over 5000 Sold!

Best Ear Basic

The Best Ear Basic is an open-fit hearing aid.

Since the circuitry is on the outside of the hearing aid, this model is for people with moderate to severe high-frequency hearing loss. The Open fit style is discreet and not easily visible.

There are no ear molds, making the hearing aid lightweight without giving your ear a stuffed feeling. By the push of a button, you can change between 4 memories for a quieter setting, a noisy setting, while using the telephone, and when listening to music. This hearing aid will allow you to hear the sounds you have been missing.

There is an easy-to-use volume control button located on the hearing aid for easy access. A 12-band processor will increase specific frequencies where you need more volume, without affecting the areas you need less volume.

The hearing aid has 4 channels. Channels help control the intensity, limiting the sound at a certain peak.

The Best Ear Basic Hearing Aid is Affordable and comes standard with a 1Year Iron Clad Warranty and 90 day full 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

• Omni Microphone
• 4 Memories, with memory indicators
Mem1: Flat response
Mem2: Noise Response
Mem3: Enhanced Noise Response
Mem4: Telephone Response
• Noise Reduction
• Feedback Cancellation
• 2 Channels / 12 Bands
• Digital Rocker VC with built in memory switch
• High Impact Casing
*Test Settings Provided Upon Request • Low Battery Warning

More Information
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Style Open Fit
Battery Size "312" (Lasts up to 160 hours)
Memories 4
Noise Reduction Yes
Volume Control Manual
L x W x H .65 x .35 x 1.3
Bands/Channels 12 / 2
Programmable or Ready to Wear Both
Hearing Loss Mild to Severe
Digital Yes
Microphone directional
Monthly Price 199
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