Do You Need a Hearing Test?

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1. Have you noticed that you don't hear as well as you used to?
2. Can you hear when someone approaches you from behind?
3. Can you hear the sound of a coin dropping on the floor?
4. Can you hear the telephone ring in the same room without the use of a hearing aid?
5. Do your family and friends have to repeat what they say--on a regular basis?
6. Has someone said that you speak too loudly in conversation?
7. Do you have greater difficulty hearing children's voices?
8. Do you miss some words in a telephone conversation?
9. Have you noticed difficulty with your hearing?
10. Do you have trouble hearing or understanding what was said when there is lots of background noise?  (Car, Theater, Large Groups, Noisy Restaurant)
11. Do you find yourself reading lips to understand the conversation?
12. Do you have to turn the television up so high it disturbs the rest of your family?
13. Are your family members are constantly say that you are hard of hearing—and you should get your ears checked?
14. Do You go out of your way to avoid going to places where its noisy?
15. Has Anyone told you you don't hear well?
16. Do you get frustrated from not understanding what others are saying?
17. When you are talking to someone do you have to ask them to repeat what they are saying numerous times?
Grand Total =


Should You Purchase a Hearing Aid?
0 Points - Normal Hearing (0% 0-20dB) Few if any communication problems.  You do not seem to be experiencing difficulty with your hearing--no hearing aid may be needed
1-12 Points - You may have Mild Hearing Loss (0-22% 20-40dB).   Some communication difficulties, especially in noisy situatations.  May require loder volume on television, stereo, etc.    Yes, you should be using hearing aids. 
12 - 20 Points - You may have Moderate Hearing Loss (22-52% 40-60dB) Commication difficulties in most areas including telephone, television, and in listening to speakers at public gatherings.  Yes, you should be using hearing aids. 
21 - 30 Points - You may have Severe Hearing Loss (52-82% 60-90dB) Significant difficulties in most types of communications.   Yes, you should be using hearing aids.

More than 30 Points -  You my have a Profound Hearing Loss.  (82-100%  90db +)  Major communication problems in all situations.  May require visual assistance such as lip reading and sign language.   You should see an Audiologist for further testing.